Residential & Commercial Networking Solution

Setup a reliable network for your place.


Our Networking Solution

We strive to serve your business and guests with the best network experience.

Coonects possess the expertise to help you with both residential and commercial needs. Enhance your infrastructure with Coonects' network services to adapt to the volatile needs of businesses nowadays and stay relevant in this digital age.

Discover Coonects' array of services including planning, design, deployment, monitoring and management of networks. Access data and applications relevant to your business at the tip of your fingers, brought to you by Coonects


Integration Wireless Network Coverage

Minimise blindspots by having comprehensive coverage of quality entreprise WiFi at your home or workplace, set up by Coonects.

  • Our systems carry 802.11AC and deliver the throughput for your bandwidth-intensive applications: cloud services, HD video streaming and seamless gaming experiences.
  • We lighten your share of network security risks by enabling guest control for clients and guests to access.
  • Our software-based virtual control plane offers you unlimited scalability under a centralised controller.
  • We customise powerful features for your industry - be it enterprise, hospitality or education markets

Data Analytics & Networking Management

Access controls to your network configuration from our intuitive cloud-based management portal. Edit your network name, set network usage limits and configure passwords with our easy-to-navigate platform. Get useful insights regarding customer usage trends with our tracking system.


Network Security

Coonects enables protection of your network with cutting-edge technology.

  • Firewalls - Advanced firewall policies work to keep your security level high and defer unwarranted traffic
  • VPN - Server for secure communications, site-to-site VPN secures and data transfer with the use of encrypts private data communications
  • VLAN - Virtual partitions divide the network into segments for you to manage your security and network traffic at ease, without the need for switches to be separated physically.

Reliable & Secure Support For You

Know that you will never be on your own, because Coonects will support you all the way. From your first step in your relationship with us until the end of the project, we’ll guide you how to manage your network and to utilize your network.