Guest Wireless (WiFi) & Hotspot Solution

Setup Wireless Hotspot for your place.


Providing your Customer with WiFi & Hotspot Connections

Looking at businesses nowadays, you may observe a growing prevalent trend of providing complimentary WiFi services for patrons. If you are in a dilemma about whether to provide free WiFi to your customers, here's a point for seriously considering to upping your game.

A recent study by iGR (commissioned by Devicescape) has shown that small retail businesses are indeed seeing a return from offering complimentary WiFi to their customers

Increased Sales

A whopping proportion of 79 percent of businesses that offered complimentary WiFi services derived success from their implementation. Meanwhile, 72 percent of businesses achieved growth in sales since their implementation.

Increased Foot Traffic

Draw in nearby customers with your free and fast WiFi - you get more recognition from the boost in appearance of your brand name on their devices.

Enhanced Customer Tracking

Setting your company site as the homepage after connection, you'll be able to collate customer data and design ads targeted at a specific audience. You would be able to introduce your new services and promotions available.

Draw In New Customers

In the café and restaurant business? Usually, customers seated alone in your F&B joint would feel the awkwardness. Empowered with the ability to connect with others, 53 percent of surveyees expressed that they would feel happiness in place of awkwardness if WiFi is available when they are alone in restaurants and cafés.

Exceeding Customer Expectations

The prevalence of free WiFi access in public areas, various modes of transport, libraries and hotels have shaped the perception of consumers to become accustomed to free WiFi. It has been reported that 1 in 10 people would leave locations absent of free WiFi; Retain them with your service that exceed their expectations and gain competitive advantage.

Differentiate Your Business from Competitors

With Singapore's smartphone penetration hitting 90% (Deloitte TMT Survey, 2015), ride on the wave of smartphones' popularity and keep your business ahead of the game through offering free WiFi. Give your users a solid reason to choose you over the others.


Turn Consideration into Action

Enhance your return on investment for your business with our top-notch guest WiFi analytics.

Come to us for a consultation and be introduced to our leading Wi-Fi solutions to set up free internet access to your valued guests.

Whether you operate a Cafe, Restaurant, Shop, or Hotel, our credible Wi-Fi services minimises your overall cost of ownership.

Our Wireless & Hotspot Solution

We strive to serve your business and guests with the best network experience. Regardless of whether you want to offer free access or charge your customers, simply ensure your broadband is functioning and we'll settle the rest for you.

No longer do we provide the WiFi access points' hardware, you could let us handle designing your log-on page, set up configuration and access statistics data so you would gain information about your WiFi access traffic and usage, at your fingertips.


Enhance Marketing Through Customising Your Guest Portal

At the very moment your guests connect to your WiFi, the first thing they spot would be your brand name. We'll be very happy to design your log-on and splash page or to let you browse through our ready templates. We could work to ensure your splash page auto-scales to fit all devices - be it desktops, tablets or smartphones, or even auto-direct to another page as you desire.


VLAN Seperate Your Network From The Guests

We’ll set up two Vlans separate Wi-Fi networks out of your one broadband connection. Keep one network Private for your use, set up one Public network for your guests.

You can name each network separately, hide your private network, leave them open or password protect them with WPA/WPA2 encryption. You can have your Public network log-on through your captive portal while you and your employees log-on seamlessly to your Private network.


Bandwidth Control

Our solution will allow you to set bandwidth limits for your guest Wi-Fi network to ensure there is enough bandwidth to go around for everyone. You can set limits for upload, download, monitor each user’s traffic, set time-limits for access or even block individuals if required.


Data Analytics & Network Management

Access controls to your network configuration from our intuitive cloud-based management portal. Edit your network name, set network usage limits and configure passwords with our easy-to-navigate platform. Get useful insights regarding customer usage trends with our tracking system.